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We are a privately own distribution company with experience in the field of distributing and importing in Ghana. With our extensive experience and deep understanding of the West African market, we are committed to delivering seamless supply chain solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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Our Mission

Bringing quality products that add value to our people`s lives by constantly recognizing changes in lifestyle and consumer preferences, while relentlessly pursuing customer and employee excellence.

Why choose us


We have an experienced sales and distribution team with deep knowledge of different market routes in Ghana. We consistently strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations, ensuring that our customers receive top-quality service and products.


We believe in building excellent and long-term relationships with both manufacturers and customers worldwide. We foster a collaborative approach, working closely with our partners to achieve mutual success and growth.

Local Expertise

With a thorough understanding of Ghana’s business culture, working conditions, practices, and connections within the West African distribution markets, we leverage our local expertise to effectively navigate the industry and serve our customers’ needs.

Brand Recognition

We bring valuable experience in building brand recognition. Through strategic marketing initiatives, we promote brand awareness and help our partners establish a strong presence in the Ghanaian market.

Commitment to Growth

We are dedicated to continuously expanding our reach and contributing to the development of the distribution industry.

Compliance and Efficiency

We possess in-depth knowledge of Ghana’s regulatory authorities and logistic handling, ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations. We prioritize efficiency in our operations to deliver goods promptly and reliably.

Our Brands

Core Values

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive distribution support systems and processes, enabling these companies to effectively reach their target customers.


At White Licorne, our core values drive our passion and commitment to delivering quality goods directly to your doorstep

Thrive Together

We strive to cultivate strong partnerships with our local and international associates, aiming to become a leading distribution company in West Africa.


Our values form the foundation of our success; These core values underpin our work at White Licorne, guiding us in providing exceptional distribution services and contributing to the success of our partners and the satisfaction of our customers.

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